The 2019 New Energy Solutions Conference

The Institute for Innovation and Sustainability in collaboration with the Northeast Electrochemical Energy Storage Cluster, ACTION Innovation Network and the Hydrogen Energy Center is pleased to host the 2019 New Energy Solutions Conference, focused on Energy Storage, Microgrids and Transportation Infrastructure, taking place at the Boston Marriott Newton on Thursday, June 27, 2019

This unique conference is bringing together leaders in the energy storage, microgrids, and transportation infrastructure to the new energy innovation epicenter: Boston, Massachusetts. We are bringing together 26 speakers on 11 panels for a full day conference, focused on growth markets driving technology innovation, new business formation and capital investments geared towards enabling and accelerating a low carbon, resilient and cost competitive clean energy future.

The conference builds on the 2017 Energy Storage and Microgrids Conference, held September 11, 2017, with 200 participants and 25 speakers. This is a focused solutions driven conference for industry participants in the Northeast who want to participate in these fast moving markets and apply these technologies and solutions to reduce costs and emissions.

Opening Keynote Address


Kelly Speakes-Backman

CEO, Energy Storage Association

Kelly Speakes-Backman is the first CEO of the Energy Storage Association. Kelly has spent over 20 years working in energy and environmental issues in the public, NGO, and private sectors, including organizations such as United Technologies, SunEdison, and Alliance to Save Energy. She is a former Commissioner of the Maryland Public Service Commission where she also served as Chair of the Board of Directors of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI), co-vice chair of the NARUC Committee on Energy Resources and the Environment, and member of the EPRI Energy Efficiency & Grid Modernization Public Advisory Group.

 Kelly earned her Bachelors of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Boston University.

Afternoon Keynote Address


Judith Judson

Commissioner, Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources

Judith Judson was appointed as Commissioner of the Department of Energy Resources in April 2015. Prior to joining the DOER, Judith worked at Customized Energy Solutions as Director of Emerging Technologies for the U.S. where she advised clients on the use of innovative technologies to cost-effectively modernize the US electric grid. Judith joined Customized Energy Solutions from Massachusetts-based clean energy technology company, Beacon Power LLC, where she served as Vice President of Asset Management and Market Development. As a nationally recognized expert on energy storage, Judith has participated in numerous hearings and technical conferences at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the U.S. Department of Energy.

Judson chairs the Massachusetts Energy Efficiency Advisory Council and represents Massachusetts on the Boards of the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Inc.; and Massachusetts Clean Energy Center.

Previously Judith served as Chairman and Commissioner of the Massachusetts Public Utilities Commission during the Romney Administration. She holds an M.B.A. from Harvard Business School and a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University.

2019 New Energy Solutions Conference Speakers

Speaker Logos 6-24-2019.png

Conference Panels

  • Microgrids & DER Networks for Cost Reduction & Revenue Generation

  • Commercial & Industrial Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Strategies

  • Software Strategies for High Performance System Operation

  • Long Term Energy Storage with Hydrogen & Flow Batteries

  • Utility & Grid Scale Energy Storage Strategies

  • Hydrogen Transportation Infrastructure

  • Innovative Next Generation Energy Storage Technologies & Solutions

  • Electric Vehicle Transportation Infrastructure

  • Solar Plus Storage: Customer Value Propositions for Integrated Solutions

  • Blockchain in Energy: Early Market Traction & Business Implications



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Hydrogen Energy Center
The Hydrogen Energy Center is a non-profit organization run by visionary volunteers who are acting on their commitment to a better energy future. Membership fees fund these operations. The knowledge and energy of our members fuel everything we do. Our members share the desire to see hydrogen energy help correct the problems of dirty air, climate disruption, world conflicts and poverty which have been caused by our fossil fuel economy.


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For information about the conference, please feel free to contact conference organizers:

Brad Bradshaw
Conference Chair
(978) 500-5644