Key Reasons to Attend:

Actionable Information and Insights from Industry Leaders

The presenters at the New Energy Solutions Conference represent leading companies from around the country, implementing energy storage, microgrids and hydrogen and fuel cell projects. Speakers will provide details about completed projects, including the technology, value streams, financing, customer benefits, regulation, etc.

Focused on Growth & Innovation:
Energy Storage, Microgrids, and Hydrogen and Fuel Cells

The New Energy Solutions Conference is focused on innovative technologies and business models that are addressing critical problems and challenges in the industry, helping customers improve resilience and reliability and reduce costs, helping power companies maintain grid reliability with increasing penetration of variable renewable energy, and helping accelerate the adoption of cleaner more efficient power and transportation technologies. Tremendous investment and business opportunities are emerging from these technologies and their innovations.

The Heart of the Innovation Ecosystem

Boston, at the heart of the Innovation Ecosystem, is driving massive innovation and investment in this fast emerging clean energy field of Energy Storage and Microgrids.  The purpose of the Energy Storage and Microgrid Conference is to bring together leading innovators, entrepreneurs, investors, regulators and service providers to accelerate innovation, investment and commercialization in this critically important emerging field.  


The energy storage and microgrid business and investment opportunity is immense, seen by many to overcome a key stumbling block to unlock massive future potential for continued expansion of renewable energy.  Understanding how this massive opportunity will be realized is a critical question for anyone who wants to participate and be successful in this unfolding market.  This conference will provide attendees the opportunity to actively engage leading practitioners and works towards a better understanding of where to participate for best advantage in this market.  


The drive to store energy encompasses an extraordinary range of alternative technologies and designs including flow batteries, lithium-ion, fly wheels, compressed air, pumped hydro, chilled water, ice storage, etc.  This conference provides first person opportunity to learn about all of the competing technologies in the marketplace, and to gain an understanding of where each technology stands in the competitive frame and product development lifecycle.   


Early stage businesses will be presenting at the conference, providing a unique opportunity to meet the entrepreneurs driving the future of innovation in energy storage and microgrids, providing the opportunity to early stage investment and partnering.